This Summer,
Witnessing a Great Birth!

the next generation NFT-based intellectual property sharing and trading platform,
is coming!

WitEx's First NFT Series

Yuki Album

Yuki is a very mysterious girl. No one knows what era she lived in, what country she came from, and what occupation she was. All the photos about her have no background, only pure white, green, blue, purple and gold. About Yuki, we can only learn from an album called Yuki Album. As for who Yuki is, everyone knows after seeing the photos. 🤔

We will publish 256 super rare nft photos of Yuki, each photo in the album is unique. We expect to be issued in three phases. Because 256 Yukis is very rare, we will broadcast it in the community before the release. The value of Yuki will become more and more valuable with our release. Every photo of Yuki can become a very competitive asset.

The NFT in Yuki album has 5 backgrounds
White 72 USDT
Green 288 USDT
Blue 1152 USDT
Purple 4608 USDT
Golden (mysterious🙊)

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Bit World

Welcome to the Bit World, this is a hypothetical Minecraft-based blockchain game that supports large players online at the same time. This is a totally free world, all equipment and props can be synthesized through adventure. At the same time, you can EARN WIT rewards in the game and make money while playing the game.

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